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Ask Yourself Two Questions:

  • How do I know that I am listed on the right market?
  • How do I know that I am getting the best deal for my shareholders?

We Offer:

> Market Selection / Co-branding Negotiations
(making the most of your market listing decision):

  • Review / debug the respective market's marketing pitches. Side by side trading comparison.
  • Creative marketing sessions to identity co-branding opportunities and strategic alternatives
  • Negotiations with exchanges to maximize opportunities
  • Implementation of selected actions.

> Executive Briefings
(Senior Management, Board Committees)

  • An overview of today's dynamic trading model
  • A review of current developments in the domestic and international markets
  • An assessment of how the markets will evolve in the coming years
  • Identify your key issues and chief concerns

> Trading Analysis

  • Intraday volatility
  • Market Depth
  • Price Continuity
  • Cost Benefit Analysis (are you getting your money's worth)

> Issuer Advocacy
(representing issuers on market related matters):

  • SEC Comment Letters
  • Market Updates
  • Short Sale Protection / Uptick Rule
  • Flash Quotes and High Frequency Trading